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“My husband has been suffering from headaches for many years. We thought it was just due to all the time he spends on computers for work. However, Dr. Hsu explained to us it was his eyes being misaligned which was causing him to force his eyes to work together as a team. Dr. Hsu suggested Neurolenses to help him with his constant headaches. It was pricey but so worth it. After wearing it for a week, his headaches went away for 90% of his work day, which is huge! The staff was so kind and accommodating. We did our research and came back three times and each time, they were patient with helping us select frames and answering our questions. I was afraid we were being a nuisance but the lovely ladies did everything for us with a smile. We will definitely be bringing the rest of our family here!”

Melanie T.

“This is the best eye doctor I have ever been to! Dr. Hsu explained everything very clearly and was very detailed in his exam. He was very personable and wanted to make sure I got the best contacts specific to my daily life. The front office also worked very hard to work with my insurance when their appeared to be difficulties. Perhaps, the most impressive thing, was they took my frames away to analyze the prescription, and brought them back to me clean tightened, and adjusted, so they felt like brand new! They truly care about your eye health and experience here! would recommend!”

Heather W.

“I was looking for an Optometrist in Redmond that was open on for late eveningappointments and on Saturdays. Vision Care Redmond fits that bill. The staff was very helpful in my selection of new frames. I also liked Dr. Hsu very calm and friendly demeanor and he really listened to my concerns. He was very willing to help resolve my eye concerns/issues. I would definitely recommend Vision Care of Redmond.”

Jill L

“Great service, great staff, great facility!”


“This was my first appt. at Vision Care. I was seen on time, right as I walked in the door actually, and Dr. Hsu was very personable and friendly. I would recommend this office to friends for routine eye care. I will also be returning each year for regular check ups. My vision is still good so I did not need glasses or contacts. Therefore, I can’t speak to that area of the office.”

Stacy D

“I went in for a routine checkup without any real complaints and Dr. Hsu found something wrong with my retina.   He insisted on doing an extra test and didn’t charge me for it.    Sent me to a retinal specialist and helped restore my vision back to 20/20.    Very thankful for the attention to detail that was given to me.

Also, staff was very kind and accommodating.    I ordered my new glasses and got them within a week!    Now I am back to 20/20 each eye.”

Ethan H.

“Fantastic doctor and a very helpful staff. The initial exam took less than an hour and my glasses showed up in a few days. I had a manufacturer problem with my glasses and they sent my pair in and had the new ones in less than a week.

For an office close to Redmond, I highly recommend Vision Care.

An added benefit – I was trying to find an eye doctor for a few months before coming in, and all the other places had months of waiting to get in. I was able to schedule an appointment a few days after I called.”

Rob C.

“Dr Hsu and his staff are so friendly and professional, yet personable.  Easy to schedule appointments, easy to park.  They are knowledgeable and genuinely care about your eye health!”

Kylea G.

“I have trusted my own and my family’s eye care to Dr. Hsu for nearly eight years. He is knowledgeable, compassionate, helpful, and even funny. He is professional and has given us excellent care. He uses some higher tech equipment than some optometrists I’ve seen previously.

Mostly, we’ve gotten basic eye check ups and glasses, and have generally been happy with them. I have a terrible time picking out attractive frames, and I’ve found Dr. Hsu’s staff to be helpful without being pushy; if the compliments are any indication, they’ve given excellent advice.

On a couple of occasions, I was treated for iritis, an autoimmune condition that affects the eyes. Dr. Hsu got me in quickly (which is very important in such cases), did a thorough exam, and ensured that I had the medications I needed.

On the whole, I have been very happy with the services he has provided, and am pleased to give a strong recommendation to his practice.”

Barry W.

“I’m thankful to Dr Hsu for being so caring with his patients.  He is very helpful and kind.  I’ve been a patient for many years and he always provides the best absolute care.  His office staff is always wonderful and helpful as well.  5 stars to Vision Care!”

Liliana R.

“I got my contacts from Vision Care but the contacts were bothering my right eye and right eye only. I went back to see Dr Hsu and he swapped the contacts for me and figured out that it might be due to eye allergy. I never had issues with eye allergy and lived in Vegas for a long time without having dry eye.  Dr Hsu explained that allergy could cause the oil duct to produce less lubricating oil. Ever since I started using anti-histamine eye drop, the issue was resolved.

Dr Hsu is professional and knowledgeable and the staff is pleasant and easy to work with. I highly recommend this practice!”

Mandy L.

“Dr. Sam Hsu is a great eye doctor. He is very personable and easy to talk to. He wants the best for your eyes and does a good job communicating that with you! All of his staff are also super friendly and very accommodating. Overall, a really great place to go to with good options for eyeglasses, and a fun team to work with!”

Lisa V.

“Approachable, knowledgeable, and wants the best for your eyes optometrist with great staff!

I’ve had glasses for over 12 years, and I haven’t had the best experiences with optometrists in the US because they usually over-prescribe for glasses (I would get really dizzy for at least 2-3 weeks and it would continue to happen intermittently). So I’ve only gotten them in Korea, but I wanted to try Dr. Hsu because I’ve heard good things–and I was so impressed.

The staff were so friendly and welcoming. Dr. Hsu was so kind and thorough during my exam and I could tell that he wanted the best for my eyes because my vision got worse and instead of assuming that he knew the best prescription for me, he let me choose the prescription that I was most comfortable with. So, for the first time in the US, I am not dizzy after putting on my glasses. And I had to adjust the glasses a few weeks later because it put some pressure above my ear, but they graciously and quickly adjusted it.

Such great service. Glad to find an optometrist that I trust!! Thank you, Dr. Hsu and staff ^^”

Janna A.

“Dr. Hsu gave me the best eye exam I’ve ever had.  Not only did I get a very good corrective lens prescription, but I felt that he gave me a great health evaluation of my eyes.  He explained everything so well and completely that I feel confident that I have all the knowledge I need about my eye conditions and what to expect in the future.  I couldn’t be happier about finding Dr. Hsu.”

John J O.

“Awesome service! I was in a pinch because I had a job interview coming up and needed to get my glasses fixed. I got my exam and Dr. Hsu gave me some extra contacts to get me by, but when I came out to the front desk, they had already grabbed a new pair of frames to replace my old broken pair.    The front desk lady told me my glasses were under warranty (I didn’t know that) and they happened to have the same frame but different color in stock. They just swapped out my lenses no questions asked.  To my surprise, I actually thought the colors of the new frame were actually better looking than my previous one and I got lots of compliments. Now I like wearing my new glasses and even wore it to my interview! Thank you to the staff at Vision Care!”

Siobhan B.

“My husband and me absolutely like Dr Hsu’s office! Dr Hsu is very professional, patient and caring. I especially admire their knowledge towards insurance plans. The staff is quite friendly as well. It totally made our life/eyes much easier in the past 2 years. We highly recommend Vision Care Redmond.”

Justine L.

“Surprised to see any bad reviews! Three in our family have seen Dr. Hsu on separate occasions, all three needing eye exams, new prescriptions, and a pair of glasses. These appointments were many months apart. Each experience was excellent: front office staff friendly and knowledgable, Dr Hsu extremely personable and trustworthy, a great selection of eyeglasses and a quick turnaround time. Highly recommend!”

Gladiolas T.

“Friendly staff and very helpful.
quick exam.
I would recommend this place to my friends.”

Siddmon M.

“I brought my son here recently for a new patient eye exam, and to get new glasses. Dr. Hsu is a very nice doctor, and his staff was also very helpful. I only wish they had a slightly larger selection of eyeglasses, but the ones they did have were very nice.”

Angelica R.

“Had an eye exam and contact lens fitting with Dr. Hsu, and I only have good things to talk about.  The shop/clinic is bright and clean, and the staff is friendly.  Dr. Hsu adjusted the size and power of my contacts, and suggested a new type for me to try (which is more cost effective too).  He is also patient with my questions, and offered good advice for my dry-eye problem. In general, great attentions to details and very thorough work!”

Wing F.

“This shop is beautiful! The staff is understanding, sweet, down to earth, and when i didn’t end up buying they told me when to come back for a sale. How awesome is that! Also when I came in to check it out the first time, the doctor happened to be watching a silly youtube thing and played it for me…..while the staff was showing me the place. He is my eye doctor for life.”


“My daughter has been having headaches for past few years and I have had to pick her up from school several times because they were so severe. Dr. Hsu explained to me the cause of her headaches and prescribed the Neurolenses to help get rid of her headaches. I was skeptical because she does not have any vision correction but he told me they come with a money back guarantee so we decided to give it a try. It has been 3 months now and my daughter is headache free!! So happy we invested in this.

On a side note, the ladies at the office were super helpful and explained to me all the details of my insurance so that I can maximize my benefits with less out of pocket. We will be back again!”
Abigail M.

“I have visited first time but my husband goes here for his eye check up n we both have a great experience as the doctor is really great n soft n sweet spoken n has in depth knowledge too”

Isha S

“Trusted, personal, and great service. Friendly staff makes you feel very welcome.”


“It was my first time here and had the best experience. Everyone was so friendly and helpful and i would absolutely recommend this place to others.”


“Phenomenal is the perfect word to describe the staff at vision care! I work in Redmond for months at a time and was in a situation were I broke my glasses while in town. I emailed my optometrist for my prescription and took it in to bison plus. They made the glasses and after we realized the prescription was incorrect (my old optometrists fault). They corrected the lens without charging me for a remake! Over time the film on my glasses came off and of course I was in CA at that point. I called vision care with my issue and to my surprise they told me to ship them my old glasses and they would ship me new ones! Unbelievable service and if I could I would rate them 10 stars!”

Douglas L.

“I came in for my one week check-in, and I got to meet Dr. Hsu. There is a reason why he’s got great ratings – he was super friendly and I felt very much at ease when talking to him. He was not at all pushy when it came time to choose which contacts I wanted. In fact, he said that if the current ones I’ve been using (also the cheapest option) have been working and I saw no difference in the other contacts I tried, then I might as well stick with it. He also took the time to let me try a different brand all together at the appointment to see if there was a difference in astigmatism for me, which I appreciated. I’ll definitely be back!”

Paoline F.

“Dr. Sam Hsu is very professional and caring doctor. He took his time to explain all the options to us and recommended the medicine. He will not cut corners as most of the doctors.
I would highly recommend Dr. Sam Hsu to friends and family.”

Ntangled T.

“Excellent Doctor!!! I’ve been a patient for years. They have top of the line equipment. They have a great selection of frames. The staff is always friendly and helpful. I recommend Dr Hsu and guarantee that you will be happy with the switch.”

Anna P.

“Dr. Hsu is knowledge and friendly. He takes time to explain the details and makes sure I understand how to better care for my eyes. He also provides different solutions for me to choose from based on my preference ($ and convenience). It’s also a plus that he speaks both Mandarin and English fluently. The staffs are friendly as well. It’s a small and busy clinic. Walk-in without having appointment isn’t likely to happen. However, doctor takes patients on Saturday, too.”

Yan Y.

“Dr. Hsu is amazing!!! He is so nice and patient and has gone out of his way to ensure I received the best service. I have had terrible luck with other eye doctors in the area and Dr. Hsu and his office staff have accommodated my needs easily and quickly. I am trying mono vision contacts and we had to go through MANY contacts to try and tweak the best option. And in a follow up visit, we had to special order another trial pair but I received them quickly and without issue. Dr. Hsu is very knowledgeable and provided explanation about the eye and the process. I highly recommend!!”

Stacy G.

“I have always had an awesome experience here, from the exam with Dr. Hsu to the help from the ladies at the front desk.    I have been told by other doctors that I needed special contacts to correct my astigmatism which were very expensive but Dr. Hsu was able to fit me with a pair of soft ones that comes in my prescriptions for much cheaper than the specialty ones!    I am very happy!!!”

Sammie S.

“Everyone here is amazing and kind. I love coming here! My husband and I both see the doctors. Both are very nice and knowledgeable. I’ve been to places where they just want to hurry and get you in and out. I feel like they take their time, and schedule appointments so they CAN take their time with you. Especially if you have questions.”

Amanda D.

“Sorry I have to downgrade my review from 5 to 2 stars based on my very disappointing experience today.I still would give Dr.Hsu 5 stars but not his staff (3 women who work there wearing no name tags, and their position is unknown).
I came today and asked to adjust my glasses (that I got in this place). It leaves red marks and feel tight on the sides of my nose. This is an on going problem. I’ve read that there are silicone nose pads that gives a better protection and are softer.One of them told me that they are out of the silicone pads and they might get it in a week or so. I asked why it was never offered to me… no answer. Non of them offered to do something not even temporary adjustment. I felt like I was a nuisance to them, and didn’t feel they cared much. So I left just as I came with no relief. I’m not sure I will get my future glasses with them unless something changes.

05/02/14 – This is an update for my last review. 4 Days after writing this I received a phone a call from one of the office staff to let me know that they have received the silicone nose pads. I went and had my glasses adjusted and now I’m feeling much better.
I also got a respond from Dr. Sam Hsu taking my comments and concerns seriously and is working to improve things which I really appreciate.”

Eako M.

“We went here for annual eye exam and had a great experience.
Dr. Hsu was very nice – attentive, thorough, and friendly. He took time to explain everything. Staff was also friendly and efficient. We’d definitely recommend this place.”

Kris K.

“The staff is very friendly! I had several tests done, they are very professional. I ordered some new prescription glasses and they were on time as they told me. I am very happy with their service, very recommended. They have quite a selection of frames, and even with that, it was kind of hard for me to choose one :D”

Moises A.

“I first began seeing Dr. Sam when he was at Sears in Overlake. I was a fan right away. Dr. Sam is a super-nice guy who really really seems to want to know you as a person, AND give you good medical care. I  have followed him to his own practice in Redmond. I have since moved away from the Eastside, to Seattle, but I am continuing to use Dr. Sam. He is one of my favorite medical providers.”

Jeff H.

“Best eye check up experience I have had in 25 years.  The people are great.  They have the latest technology so you don’t have to get your eyes dilated.  Dr. Hsu explains  everything to you and is a very positive person.”

Kyle N.

“Both doctors are very patient to respond to any questions that I am concerned about. I have been coming here for three years, and I’m comfortable continuing care here. Thorough check ups are done. The staff are friendly and kind, more than other places I’ve visited. Only thing is I find the spectacles very expensive and once when I changed my lenses the wiring had come I wasn’t clear as to the poor workmanship and such high costs. Overall, this place is patient friendly.”

Sumi C.

“Definitely worth going here. They accept your insurance with no hassles, and Dr. Hsu has a great way of explaining things to you. They have a very wide variety of frames and they help explain the differences to you.”

Arvind N.

“I absolutely loved this place! I will recommend Vision Care to all of my friends! Will be going back year after year! Everyone was so pleasant and helpful. I’ve worn glasses for almost 30 years and this was the best eye doctor I’ve ever been to!”

Stephanie g.

“Dr Hsu is hands down the best optometrist I have ever visited! I came in with eye concerns and have had poor vision all my life. He treated me with concern, empathy, and a wealth of knowledge and education regarding my plethora of questions. On top of his continual education on eye health, his reception staff was beyond helpful and upbeat! I have already started referring him to my friends and colleagues but was so WOWED by his entire office. Thank you Vision Care!!!”

Lilly J.

“I have been going to Dr. Sam Hsu for years when I moved to Redmond. Now I live in Seattle and was faced with the decision to make the trip across the lake or find a neighborhood Dr. I decided to continue that trip across the lake and I always will.

First of all, he has a really professional and friendly staff. I have always been treated personably and received efficient service. Dr. Hsu even remembers minute details about my life as if he were a family friend. It is amazing that he can retain all that information when he only sees me about once a year! I’m impressed, because this proves he is really present during a conversation and cares.

Beyond the friendly service, his equipment is high tech and thorough. He can target the issue in such little time. Gone are the days where you get lost in the, “Is this one better or that? How about this one or that? etc..”

Dr. Hsu offers detailed explanations about what he is doing and why. When you leave his office, you feel so well informed and taken care of. I absolutely agree with 90% of the reviews below. When the person who gave his office one star said that it was already an emotional day, I can’t help but wonder if her perspective was scued. I’m not trying to be disrespectful, it’s just that Dr. Hsu’s office has been the antithesis of everything described in that review and I honestly can’t imagine that type of treatment even on Vision Care’ worst day.”

Monique M.

“I can surely say this is one of the best eye care facility which I have come across.I am really thankful to Dr. Sam Hsu, who has provided personal attention to all our eye care needs when we needed them the most. He listens to all the questions patiently and answers them in most convincing manner.I highly recommend Dr. Sam for Ortho K treatment, definitely 5 stars.”

Gunjan J.

“A year ago my 12 year old daughter had been living with 15+ migraines per year. We’d gotten used to the biweekly cycle if tears and having her sit in the pitch black bathroom to try and help minimize the stimuli. But it still broke our hearts.

We’d seen her pediatrician, children’s, and consulted with neuro….nothing came up. We’d tackled possible environmental, diet, and sleep habit triggers…barely a difference.

When Dr. Hsu suggested the neurolenses I really didn’t have much hope but we trust his office and gave it a shot. I don’t know how but in the first 3 months we had 1 migraine….a year out we have had maybe 2-3! For us this has been the change that worked and her migraines are almost 100% better.”

Sara F.

“Dr. Hsu and his staff are super friendly and provide really good service. I’ve been getting my eyes checked by Dr. Hsu for about 4 years and he does a great job. He’s very personable and competent.”

Wesley H

“The moment Dr.Hsu called me back he introduced himself as Sam. He was very warm and welcoming and at the same time very knowledgable and helpful. He even let me know about deals that the front desk didn’t mention. I am very happy that I chose vision care for my eye care.”


“Mine was a tough case of needing distance vision and reading power. It required multiple visits and many many sample lenses to get the exact powers for each eye correct. And this all during a very busy holiday schedule. Dr. Hsu managed to fit me in the next day, during his lunch hour even, to get my contact lenses just right. He is a very skilled optometrist and is great at deducing exactly what minute adjustments are required. Despite being double/triple booked he was very attentive, polite and efficient.  He is always a busy guy but he still manages to be very kind and diligent.”

Michelle B.

“A wonderful experience with friendly and professional staff. Dr. Hsu takes all the time you need and never seems rushed. He explains everything very clearly and in layman ‘s terms. One of the staff walked me thru a personal insurance site to show me what my family can save in the future by opting in to Now that is what I call care for the customer!!”

Carolyn S.

“Can’t say enough good things about this place! The staff, the doctor just everything top notch! They are so friendly, professional and welcoming as if you’ve been going there for years. They also have a good selection of glasses. Including brand names. My toddler bent my new glasses and Vision Care Redmond was able to have them fixed for me. I am so happy and grateful I found this place. Definitely check them out!”

Priscilla F.

“Dr. Hsu is very personable, good doctor and his office is run very efficient. Would highly recommend him.”

Mollie W.

“Dr. Hsu always fine-tunes my prescription to exactly what I need – enough to improve my eyesight but not enough to cause me constant nausea.  He patiently helped me move to a multifocal lens (took several tries), and spent the time to find out whether computer glasses would help in my case (it didn’t).

When my daughter first started using contacts, the staff was also so very patient with the training.  She was literally there for hours…

I can’t recommend Dr. Hsu and his staff enough.  My entire family goes to see him!”

Helen P.

“Love it here.  Great selection of frames, knowledgeable staff, and Dr. Hsu is the best.  He’s so friendly and really takes his time with his patients. I moved to Seattle and still have not stopped coming to Vision Care Redmond– they are that fantastic!”

Ani G.

“Vision Care Redmond was recommended to me by a friend and I’m very happy that I decided to see Dr. Hsu. He is one of the best optometrist’s that I’ve ever seen and really goes above and beyond my typical expectations. He is incredibly knowledgable and very detailed in his explanations when walking through the exam. I highly recommend Vision Care Redmond.”

Kelsey W.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Hsu for a few years now and he is very thorough and explains everything to you. I have to have special eye checks annually, and also wear prescription glasses and contacts.  Service has always been great in all these areas.”

Stacy S.

“Wonderful group of people. I’ve never been disappointed when I come to see Dr. Hsu and his staff. He listens and addresses all the concerns and questions I have. The staff are attentive and are some of the nicest people I’ve met. Not a lot places will welcome you with a smile and then personally say bye as you leave. It’s absolutely worth it to sit through Seattle’s and 405’s traffic to go here. 5 stars for their expertise and customer service.”

Tuan D.

“Dr Hsu did a great job on my recent Rx.  Everyone was kind and professional.  I highly recommend this place.”

Duncan W.

“This shop is beautiful! The staff is understanding, sweet, down to earth, and when i didn’t end up buying they told me when to come back for a sale. How awesome is that!
Also when I came in to check it out the first time, the doctor happened to be watching a silly youtube thing and played it for me…..while the staff was showing me the place.

He is my eye doctor for life.”

C. S.

“I love Vision Care. The staff is friendly & very helpful when it comes to understanding & getting the most out of my insurance coverage. Dr Hsu is fantastic, and made sure he helped me save money last time I visited. I recommend Vision Care Redmond for your eyecare.”

Roberta F.

“Recently got a checkup at Redmond Vision Care and I was very impressed with Dr. Hsu and his staff! The team is very pleasant and helpful, and Dr. Hsu is great about explaining tests/diagnosis, etc… in a way that a non-practitioner can understand and apply.  Highly recommend anyone to visit this office for your eye care needs.”

Crys G.

“The doctor can speak Chinese.  I can’t express my concerns  very well in English. So  I can communicate with the doctor in Chinese. That’s great!!!”

Cuiling W.

“Dr. Hsu has to be one of the kindest people I have ever met. He seems to remember all his patients by name and has a good word to say to everybody. I’ve been going to him for all my eyeglasses and contact lens prescriptions since he was at Sears. I switched to going to his business when he left because he does such a great job.

Contrary to what a prior reviewer said, I thought his front office people were just as nice. We spent a half hour talking NCAA basketball (one of my favorite topics) while I was trying to pick out a pair of new frames. That’s personal service!”

Bilal A.

“I’ve been seeing Dr. Hsu since 2005 when he was located within Sears Optical.  I think he gives a great, comprehensive eye exam.  He also has some cool technology which allows him to monitor eye health.  One of his machines takes a photo and he has kept all of the year by year records so that he can see if anything is changing.  He’s also really patient and always takes the time to answer all my questions.”

Stephanie C.

“Dr. Hsu is a super nice guy. Beyond a basic eye exam, he also taught me some ways to take care of my eyes and reduce their dryness. I always have a bad reaction to my eyes being dilated, so I was really relieved when they had a different machine I could use instead. I’m really happy with the eyeglasses and sunglasses I was able to get through the office. They were very straightforward about pricing and my insurance so there was no guessing about how much I would be paying. The office staff were nice but not too pushy about allowing me to take forever to pick out my new glasses and offered helpful input when I asked for their advice. My glasses arrived promptly. The sunglasses took a bit longer, but the office staff was nice about calling and checking up on their progress per my request. I will definitely go back to Vision Care to see Dr. Hsu and his staff!”

Jen T.

“I’ve always had a list eye problems, and the Seattle optometrists that I’ve been going to never failed to show a steamy, impatient temperament. I’ve heard great reviews Redmond Vision Care and decided to take the 30 minute drive over to Redmond from my home in south Seattle to Dr. Hsu. I can definitely say that it was well worth it!

The shop is bright, spacious, with a huge selection of classy frames lining the walls on back-lit displays. The lady at the front desk, Ashley, remembered my name from when I walked in, to when I left the door, and she made delightful conversation. It was a really short wait, if any at all. In less than five minutes from entering, I was in the exam room.

Vision Care packs a lot of high-tech gear to fully analyze every aspect of your eyes, from the inside-out. Dr. Hsu had a lot of patience and talked me through the process, explaining the function of every procedure. It was a well-paced exam and I felt very comfortable asking him any questions I had. Definitely something you should be looking for in a life-long eye doctor. I am a community activist and I work with a nonprofit that services to low-income, disadvantaged youth, and it is important to me that the business that I choose my services from reflect my values. I know that Vision Care is active in its community and takes the opportunity to give back, so you can be assured that you’re choosing your services from a great business. I absolutely loved my experience. Dr. Hsu is definitely a doctor that you can see ‘eye-to-eye’ with!”

Avian N.

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